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DATE: 24/08/2016 17:21 (European format)
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Drawn To Life The Next Chapter

Region : NTSC-U « » Rating : E
Players :2
Online Players :0
Release date :2009-10-27

Publisher: THQ
Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer: N/A
Requirements: wiimote;nunchuk
Accessories: N/A
Size N/A

Experience an all-new Drawn to Life adventure in the first Wii game that lets you draw your own hero! Play as your hero and use the Wii Remote to draw customizable weapons and tools designed to help you stop an evil thief before its too late!
  • Customize your hero and game universe: Draw your own hero and create over 100 unique items though out the game such as a jet pack, a sword and wings.

  • Create without limits: Explore your artistic freedom with robust drawing tools that provide you with many templates, colors, brush types, guides and stamps. You can quickly draw a simple figure or create a masterpiece.

  • Action drawing: Draw objects directly into the game-play to help you advance through the levels. Special ink powers mean drawing with certain colors gives your creations unique properties.

  • Extensive action adventure game-play: Journey through 4 unique worlds, each with a different style of play including skating and flying.

  • Play with Friends: Draw your teams players, equipment and more as you compete against friends and family in multi-player mini games including Soccer, Hockey & Basketball.
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