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DATE: 29/07/2014 16:50 (European format)
Partnered with : Wii Attitude

Wii Game Cover Listing Pal

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  1  Beastly SLYPNJ pal/SLYPNJ pal/SLYPNJ
  2  Bienvenue Chez Les Robinsons RRSX4Q pal/RRSX4Q pal/RRSX4Q
  3  Bwii: Battalion Wars 2 RBWP01 pal/RBWP01 pal/RBWP01
  4  Back To The Future S5BPKM pal/S5BPKM pal/S5BPKM
  5  Backyard Baseball RXBP70 pal/RXBP70 pal/RXBP70
  6  Backyard Football RFTP70 pal/RFTP70 pal/RFTP70
  7  Bakugan Battle Brawlers (toys-r-us Edition) RUHX52 pal/RUHX52 pal/RUHX52
  8  Bakugan Battle Brawlers RUHP52 pal/RUHP52 pal/RUHP52
  9  Bakugan Defenders Of The Core SB6P52 pal/SB6P52 pal/SB6P52
  10  Balloon Pop RB2P6K pal/RB2P6K pal/RB2P6K
  11  Balls Of Fury RBFP20 pal/RBFP20 pal/RBFP20
  12  Balls Of Fury RBFP7J pal/RBFP7J pal/RBFP7J
  13  Band Hero SXFP52 pal/SXFP52 pal/SXFP52
  14  Barbie And The Three Musketeers R23P52 pal/R23P52 pal/R23P52
  15  Barbie Groom And Glam Pups SB9P78 pal/SB9P78 pal/SB9P78
  16  Barbie Horse Adventures: Riding Camp RRCP52 pal/RRCP52 pal/RRCP52
  17  Barbie The Island Princess RBVP52 pal/RBVP52 pal/RBVP52
  18  Barnyard RBYP78 pal/RBYP78 pal/RBYP78
  19  Baroque RM6P99 pal/RM6P99 pal/RM6P99
  20  Basketball Hall Of Fame SHFP20 pal/SHFP20 pal/SHFP20
  21  Batman Begins GINX69 pal/GINX69 pal/GINX69
  22  Batman Vengeance GBVP41 pal/GBVP41 pal/GBVP41
  23  Batman: The Brave And The Bold S3BPWR pal/S3BPWR pal/S3BPWR
  24  Battalion Wars G8WP01 pal/G8WP01 pal/G8WP01
  25  Battle For The Pacific RHCP52 pal/RHCP52 pal/RHCP52
  26  Battle Of The Bands RHXP78 pal/RHXP78 pal/RHXP78
  27  Battle Rage: Mech Conflict RRVPNR pal/RRVPNR pal/RRVPNR
  28  Battleship SVBP52 pal/SVBP52 pal/SVBP52
  29  Beach Fun: Summer Challenge RV8PRT pal/RV8PRT pal/RV8PRT
  30  Bebes Party R8BP41 pal/R8BP41 pal/R8BP41
  31  Bee Movie Game RBEP52 pal/RBEP52 pal/RBEP52
  32  Bee Movie Game RBEX52 pal/RBEX52 pal/RBEX52
  33  Ben 10 - Protector Of Earth RBNXG9 pal/RBNXG9 pal/RBNXG9
  34  Ben 10 - Protector Of Earth RBNPG9 pal/RBNPG9 pal/RBNPG9
  35  Ben 10 Alien Force Vilgax Attacks SBNPG9 pal/SBNPG9 pal/SBNPG9
  36  Ben 10 Alien Force RWTPG9 pal/RWTPG9 pal/RWTPG9
  37  Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Cosmic Destruction SBJPG9 pal/SBJPG9 pal/SBJPG9
  38  Bermuda Triangle SBEPSV pal/SBEPSV pal/SBEPSV
  39  Beyblade : Metal Fusion SBBP18 pal/SBBP18 pal/SBBP18
  40  Beyblade Vforce GBTP70 pal/GBTP70 pal/GBTP70
  41  Beyond Good And Evil GGEP41 pal/GGEP41 pal/GGEP41
  42  Beyond Good And Evil GGEY41 pal/GGEY41 pal/GGEY41
  43  Bibi Blocksberg SGWD7K pal/SGWD7K pal/SGWD7K
  44  Bienvenue Chez Les Ch'tis RVEFMR pal/RVEFMR pal/RVEFMR
  45  Big Beach Sports 2 SV2P78 pal/SV2P78 pal/SV2P78
  46  Big Beach Sports RVVP78 pal/RVVP78 pal/RVVP78
  47  Big Brain Academy Wii Degree RYWP01 pal/RYWP01 pal/RYWP01
  48  Big Catch Bass Fishing RXPPGT pal/RXPPGT pal/RXPPGT
  49  Big Catch: Bass Fishing 2 RXNPGT pal/RXNPGT pal/RXNPGT
  50  Big Family Games RN7P78 pal/RN7P78 pal/RN7P78
  51  Big League Sports RLQP52 pal/RLQP52 pal/RLQP52
  52  Big Mutha Truckers GT8P78 pal/GT8P78 pal/GT8P78
  53  Bigfoot Collision Course RVFP7J pal/RVFP7J pal/RVFP7J
  54  Billy Hatcher And The Giant Egg GEZP8P pal/GEZP8P pal/GEZP8P
  55  Billy The Wizard RBZP5Z pal/RBZP5Z pal/RBZP5Z
  56  Billy The Wizard RBZPUG pal/RBZPUG pal/RBZPUG
  57  Billy The Wizard RBZXUG pal/RBZXUG pal/RBZXUG
  58  Biohazard Zero RBHP08 pal/RBHP08 pal/RBHP08
  59  Bionicle Heroes RVIP4F pal/RVIP4F pal/RVIP4F
  60  Bit.trip Complete SVTP99 pal/SVTP99 pal/SVTP99
  61  Black & Bruised G2BP7D pal/G2BP7D pal/G2BP7D
  62  Blast Works RBRP5G pal/RBRP5G pal/RBRP5G
  63  Blast Works RBRX5G pal/RBRX5G pal/RBRX5G
  64  Blazing Angels Squadrons Of Wwii RBAP41 pal/RBAP41 pal/RBAP41
  65  Bleach: Shattered Blade RBLP8P pal/RBLP8P pal/RBLP8P
  66  Block Party 20 Games RRTP52 pal/RRTP52 pal/RRTP52
  67  Bloody Roar: Primal Fury GBLP52 pal/GBLP52 pal/GBLP52
  68  Bob The Builder: Festival Of Fun R9BPMT pal/R9BPMT pal/R9BPMT
  69  Bolt RLUP4Q pal/RLUP4Q pal/RLUP4Q
  70  Bolt RLUX4Q pal/RLUX4Q pal/RLUX4Q
  71  Bolt RLUY4Q pal/RLUY4Q pal/RLUY4Q
  72  Bomberman Generation GBGP7D pal/GBGP7D pal/GBGP7D
  73  Bomberman Land Wii RBBP99 pal/RBBP99 pal/RBBP99
  74  Boogie Superstar RG6P69 pal/RG6P69 pal/RG6P69
  75  Boogie RBOP69 pal/RBOP69 pal/RBOP69
  76  Boom Blox: Bash Party RYBP69 pal/RYBP69 pal/RYBP69
  77  Boom Blox RBKP69 pal/RBKP69 pal/RBKP69
  78  Boom Street ST7P01 pal/ST7P01 pal/ST7P01
  79  Boot Camp Academy SAYP41 pal/SAYP41 pal/SAYP41
  80  Bowling Pinbusters RMFP68 pal/RMFP68 pal/RMFP68
  81  Bratz Kidz Party RKGPGY pal/RKGPGY pal/RKGPGY
  82  Bratz The Movie RB9P78 pal/RB9P78 pal/RB9P78
  83  Bratz The Movie RRLZ78 pal/RRLZ78 pal/RRLZ78
  84  Bratz: Girlz Really Rock RRLY78 pal/RRLY78 pal/RRLY78
  85  Bratz: Girlz Really Rock RRLP78 pal/RRLP78 pal/RRLP78
  86  Bratz: Girlz Realy Rock RRLX78 pal/RRLX78 pal/RRLX78
  87  Bratz: The Movie RB9D78 pal/RB9D78 pal/RB9D78
  88  Brave : The Video Game S6BP4Q pal/S6BP4Q pal/S6BP4Q
  89  Brave Disney Pixar SGYPNJ pal/SGYPNJ pal/SGYPNJ
  90  Brave: A Warrior's Tale RWXPS5 pal/RWXPS5 pal/RWXPS5
  91  Broken Sword - Shadow Of The Templars RSJP41 pal/RSJP41 pal/RSJP41
  92  Brothers In Arms: Earned In Blood RB5P41 pal/RB5P41 pal/RB5P41
  93  Brothers In Arms: Road To Hill 30 RI8P41 pal/RI8P41 pal/RI8P41
  94  Brunswick Pro Bowling RBPP4Z pal/RBPP4Z pal/RBPP4Z
  95  Brunswick Pro Bowling RBPPGT pal/RBPPGT pal/RBPPGT
  96  Buffy The Vampire Slayer Chaos Bleeds GCQD7D pal/GCQD7D pal/GCQD7D
  97  Buffy The Vampire Slayer Chaos Bleeds GCQF7D pal/GCQF7D pal/GCQF7D
  98  Build A Bear Workshop Friendship Vally R9UPGY pal/R9UPGY pal/R9UPGY
  99  Build A Bear Workshop RR4PFK pal/RR4PFK pal/RR4PFK
  100  Bully - Scholarship Edition RB7P54 pal/RB7P54 pal/RB7P54
  101  Bust A Move RBMPGT pal/RBMPGT pal/RBMPGT


98 97 100

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